Thursday, 4 August 2011

Jever Pilsner

"The secret lies in the water, which is still taken from the same well used well over 100 years ago. The water from our well is unusually pure and soft. That allows us to add a touch more hops to create the Friesian-bitter taste that distinguishes Jever Pilsner from any other beer."
Yes, another lazy description quote to start a post, this being their own commerical description.

This bottle was 500mls, 4.9% abv, and i got it for £2.29.

It was a golden yellow colour, a sweet and grassy aroma.
I got a clean light and crisp taste, an earthy mineral element, mild malt sweetness and there was at the end a little bitterness.
Pretty decent overall.


  1. I think this is excellent stuff - you rather understate the dryness and (in lager terms) bitterness, but a lot of people do until they get more used to it.

  2. I do see quite a few Blogggers rating Jever, i'll just have to try again (and again...) :)