Monday, 27 June 2011

Springhead Brewery The Leveller

After a recent post claiming i don't often get the chance to go to Morrison's i then was able to correct that a few nights later, and picked up a couple of bottles new to me.

From the Springhead brewery in Robin Hood country they say, is 'The Leveller', 4.8% 500mls and not bottle conditioned. Its described as a dark smooth beer brewed in the style of a Belgian Trappist beer but with English ingredients.

Its aroma is some smoke, chocolate, some bitter roasted coffee. Looks wise its dark, darker than coca cola but with similar red edges when held up to the light.
Taste - chocolate and toffee on a medium body, a pleasant light dryness at end accompanied by some light bitterness rounding it of nicely.
Style wise i'm not sure i see the Belgian bit as i didn't really get any expected rich sugary sweetness, seems more of a dark ale with a foot into the stout camp, but no matter as its quite enjoyable, i'd certainly have it again.

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  1. I tried this on Saturday. Very good stuff and I'll be buying it again I think. (But I couldn't get the Belgian connection either)