Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wetherpoons 'Mount Stuart', Cardiff Bay

A couple of times in the last month I have had the opportunity to drink in the new Wetherspoons in Cardiff bay. I say new, but it actually opened in July last year but this is this first chance I've had to visit it.

The Mount Stuart is well located in the Bay, in the old Harry Ramsden restaurant I was led to believe, close to the car park and Techniquest, a big tourist attraction if you have kids.
The first visit was with the family, in the Christmas holidays, and we went to have a meal after a day out.
My initial surprise was that this did not look like a Wetherspoons.
You know what I mean, their pubs do have a tendency to look all the same, but this is open, all glass and chrome, open area's. A number of long raised bench's to sit at in large groups, with plenty of table seating also downstairs. The bar staff to me the upper area includes an open outside area that was very popular last summer.

They have the standard menu, the food was good, served and priced well.
They have about 8 hand pumps, a couple of keg lines and then the usual others in lagers and ciders.

That day they had a couple from the Celt Experience on thankfully, including a Xmas offering called Divine Yule Saison. A collaboration with the Waen brewery, this was a beautiful 5.3% saison that had an earthy sweetness from the pumpkin, an aroma and taste of lemon and pine.
Tangy, bitter and dry it was incredibly refreshing.

 The second visit was at lunchtime midweek, it was reasonably busy, maybe three quarters of the tables taken.
I was about to met some work colleagues for a meal elsewhere but took the opportunity for a second visit.

So glad I did as on tap was the Adnams and Six-point Brewery collaboration 'Righteous Ale'.
A rye style at 6.3%, deep red/brown in colour, a real malty sweet aroma. A comforting richness swims by, plums, brown sugar,with a nice bitterness with orange and lemon tones. A hugely enjoyable pint.
The Mount Stuart seems a welcome addition to the bars in the Cardiff bay area, competition to the Brains brewery pub Terra Nova,  and for those used to the identikit Wetherspoons a nice alternative viewpoint.


  1. Easily the best Spoons in Cardiff; very light and airy, and the food is a notch better than the average Spoons. It packs out something fierce in summer, though, given the fantastic view provided from the terrace.

  2. It was a place the wife and kids felt quite comfortable when eating, unlike some other 'spoons establishments. I suspect it will in the summer attract a different clientele, and I think in the sun, a nice walk from penarth will work up a good thirst and a perfect place to stop! well thats what I'm planning.