Monday, 27 January 2014

Brains Craft Brewery 'Black Mountain'

One of the things I like most about the Brains Craft Brewery is the labels they use, nice cartoon style brewery set up depicted, and usually little unique characters or items added for each different beer, lovely little details have gone into them.

'Black Mountain' is described as a 'hoppy Black IPA' , 5% and as with all their bottles 330mls. I picked this one up at Wally's Deli in the Royal Arcade in Cardiff, paid £2.35. It was brewed in conjunction with the Craft Beer Youtube channel.

Poured pretty black but with a small head that went soon after the photo.
Nice medium body, little toffee aroma, and a little floral and spicy elements. It does not however give the 'explosion of hops' promised from the Amarillo, Pacifica, Citra, Summit and Apollo hops used. The 'coffee, liquorice and burnt toffee' is there but also quite muted.

Overall its an okay beer,but compared to other well known Black IPA's its a bit of a light weight.
Its been reviewed reasonably well on untappd on cask so I thought that perhaps it has lost some of that freshness in the bottle, but seeing as it was only available in late December in Brains pubs this bottle isn't that old really.


  1. (Second attempt at commenting as my WordPress logon is playing up, so a bit briefer this time) While I enjoyed the energy and variety of the Brains Craft stuff to begin with I find it a struggle to keep up with what is largely a high turnover of competent if forgettable beers. They're approaching their second anniversary so if they're interested in appealing to beer drinkers beyond their pub estate (and they must be, why else would they court romance with so many beer writers), then I feel they need to ease off the accelerator and focus on quality rather than quantity.

  2. Oh I totally agree with you Craig, in fact I said something similar in my review of their `Pils from the hills` last august, they seem like they are ticking off a list of beer styles each month. They could do with slowing down and reflecting on which ones are worth revisiting, fine tuning even.