Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse and Oettinger Hell

Hacker-Pschorr Hefe WeisseHacker-Pschorr's Hefe Weisse is a 5.5% Bavarian Hefeweizen, from one of Germany's most well known breweries, who were involved in the original celebrations in 1810 that have evolved into the famous Munich Oktoberfests you see today.

Deep orange in colour, medium size fluffy head, light lemon and yeasty aroma.
Ice cream smooth, with banana in it. More lemon, that yeast again, it's so unbelievably drinkable, that just this one was nowhere near enough.

Oettinger Hell

After posting about some purchases including these two, I was given a heads up by Curmudgeon that Ottinger may not be the best thought of of the breweries in Germany.
Looking at their wikipedia entry they are the best selling brewery in Germany, but are low cost sellers, rarely seen in pubs, keep costs down by not advertising and predominately selling bottles in supermarkets.

But lets not pre-judge, what about the beer.
Light yellow in colour, small fizzy head, this is a 4.7% Helles style beer. Aroma is lightly bready and malty, the body is quite thin, good carbonation. Some lemon, a bit herbally and a light honey sweetness.

Honestly it not the best Helles I've ever had, and as I've said before they are not anywhere near favorite style of beer anyway, but its certainly not a terrible beer.
It's clean, and refreshing, they're are flavours in there, and I'd probably choose it over most of the main branded lagers, but yes it is also watery, light, and quite forgettable.

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