Monday, 30 September 2013

Aldi - whats happened?

Over the last few years I've always found that Aldi, the discount supermarket, would on occasion stock some great deals and one off 'specials' when it came to beer.  Schofferhofer hefeweizen 
Often these would be linked to various international celebrations, like Samuel Adams Boston lager at July 4th/Thanksgiving. Oktoberfest would see some German beers, in fact given that Aldi is originally based in Germany you used to see beers such as Franziskaner Weissbier and Schofferhofer Hefeweizen at random times in the year also.

Arcobrau Weissbier Hell was another example of a great beer, they followed that with the same brewery's Winterbier which was a good example of it's style.
It was this time last year we saw the Schwaben Bräu brewery 'Das Helle' and 'Das Schwarze' which were okay to be fair.

But it is now a year since our branch, and another couple I have visited on occasion, have had anything interesting, the only 'special' on in the last few months is cans of Courage Best.

The regular stock on the beer shelves is the same boring unchanging line up, even Batemans do not seem to have supplied any celebration/sporting event/holiday seasonal beers that I noticed .

I was wondering if this is a regional or national thing, is your Aldi still stocking good beers or have they disappeared too?


  1. I popped in the other day thinking they might have some Oktoberfest beers, but no, the only thing out of the ordinary was the Schwaben Brau Das Helle which at £1.79 wasn't even particularly cheap.

  2. Same here, nothing interesting since the Winterbier ran out, cans of Courage Best are not shifting and I've heard that the Das Helle is coming but not seen it yet (and won't be buying it anyway).

    I have noticed that the number of German/Italian/Spanish salamis and chorizos has increased though? :-/

  3. While this is getting off topic, I rarely bother going to Aldi anyway as, although you can save some money there, they don't by any means sell everything I want so I still have to go to Tesco or Morrisons as well for half the shopping.

  4. Yes they have plenty of Oktoberfest foodstuffs available but no beers.
    I did just receive an email about their Halloween stuff with did include the Pumpking beer from Wychwood i think, which I quite liked last year, although not bought at Aldi.

  5. Yes nothing good in Aldi round my way either

  6. my colleague today told me that they have some German beers in her store this week, i'm assuming that its the Das..... ones.
    Sods law isn't it, I've been meaning to post this for a month, finally do it and they start stocking the shelves again!!!