Monday, 12 August 2013

Otley Oxymoron

Otley OxymoronOxymoron, a black IPA dry hopped to hell and delicious to boot!

When I first had this a few years ago at the Great Welsh festival it was my first BIPA, I wasn't totally sold on it but since then its a style I've enjoyed more and more, some great examples being from The Kernel brewery and Hardknott.
But I've also returned to the Oxymoron a few times since then, cask and bottle, and its become a real favourite of mine.

Excellent roasted malts but over the top pine and grapefruit burst out and up your nose tickling receptors.
Huge but balanced flavours.
The strong and dark sit beautifully with the bright, clean and striking hops.
Chocolate, roasted malts, grapefruit and pine singing, the bitterness has a great tartness to it.
5.5% abv.


  1. I've only tried a couple of them but I really like black IPAs. Windsor & Eton Conqueror is very nice and someone recently recommended Kernel brewery's black IPA. I've not tried it, but it's meant to be pretty tasty.

  2. Well pretty much everything from Kernel is damn good, and that's understating it!