Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Brains Craft Brewery 'Weiss Weiss Baby'

Brains Craft Brewery Weiss Weiss BabyFrom the Brains Craft Brewery department tucked in a corner of the Cardiff Mega Brewery is a bottle of 'Weiss Weiss Baby', their Weissbier.
I must admit I kinda like the name, being a nice gentle pun, enough to put a little smirk on the lips and acknowledgement of achieved amusement.

The bottled version is slightly weaker than the keg version, 4.9% vs 5.9% abv.
Slightly cloudy yellow, a fizz of a head briefly. A light yeasty aroma, it has a light mouth-feel, with some banana and yeast there but on the lighter scale of things.
Very refreshing, cold in the summer it would be perfect. It would struggle if put alongside some of the more recognised weissbiers out there but I certainly enjoyed it.

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  1. I've also recently seen a Weiss called 'Miami Weiss' , which I liked. Think it was Tapped Brew Co in Sheffield.