Monday, 24 June 2013

The Wild Beer co. 'Bliss'

(Entirely coincidentally I wrote this post yesterday with the children/pubs comments, before today's topic du jour)

After a cycle ride with the family we went into the excellent Boars Head (often mentioned here) at Tyla Garw. After having an excellent 'American Rye' from Buxton, 4.3% abv, my attention was brought to the fact that they were selling new bottles from the Wild Beer company. (Those interested, or not, in the craft vs camra yawn-a-rama might like to read their thoughts on it).

Whilst my kids were behaving well playing trumps and reading, disappointingly so to the 'children ruin pubs' brigade out there, I picked up two bottles.
'Epic Saison' 5% is a  "transcontinental fusion of Belgium’s eclectic beer culture and the feisty hops of North America brought to life with the aid of West Country artisanal brewing wizardry and judicious use of the US-grown Sorachi Ace hop".
First though tonight I'm trying 'Bliss' described on the website as Belgian-style saison into which they've added "a dash of funky Brettanomyces yeast plus roasted apricots and a hush-hush blend of spices".

Pours a murky light brown colour, very lively, needs a moment to settle to get it all in the glass. Aroma is lightly fruity, dry, and yes funky. Initial taste to me is quite spicy, a lot of pepper coming through alongside a dry fruitiness. As it went on I found the pepper/spiciness smoothing and the dry fruit of the added apricots does come out.

The bottle comes with a lot of information on it, regarding their brewing ethos and each individual beer, this one they also suggest food pairings of chicken jalfrezi or a lamb tagine.
Certainly it was interesting, I'm looking forward to the next one, and the chap at the bar who pointed the bottles out was very impressed with the 'Wildebeest' their Imperial Russian Stout.

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