Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A (sort of) Ode to Magic Rock Dark Arts

Magic Rock beers
could drive a geek to tears,
and I know I've only tried two
which is far too few,
but damm they taste good.

An aroma of roasted malts and coffee
Beautiful tan head on a medium body
Dark, dry with a lingering bitterness,
Hints of chocolate, make a perfect sweet kiss.

Its a shame there's so little left in the glass
this is one you just want to last
and taken with a strong cheese
this will not fail to please

why am I doing this review in this form?
I wanted to try something that wasn't  the norm
whether it was a success i doubt,
In a week I'll check my post count

So now to all you readers i must say sorry
subjecting you to such poor standard poetry
I'll go back to my normal photos and reviews
which I suppose is (slightly better) news.

(yeah sorry!!! but you have to do something outside your comfort zone every now and then!
If you want to read real poetry, often alcohol inspired (i.e he was a drunk) I suggest you try Charles Bukowski)

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