Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Photography advice please!!!

Okay so this blog is mostly about beer for me, but also about photography, in that taking shots of the bottles and beers is one of the skills I'm trying, as an amateur, to learn. If you look at some of my past photos, what i consider some of my better ones, I think I'm doing okay, and the set up I use is pretty DIY, basically because of cost.

But I'm still have trouble with reflections in the glass,sometimes I manage to minimise them but then some shot, like the one below, really show and are ruining the shot.

So any advice on how to avoid/correct this would be very gratefully received.

Marks and Spencer Lincolnshire Mocha beer


  1. It's not that bad!

    You might improve it if you move your lights, though: you want to flood the box with light *behind* the bottle and glass; and take the photo from outside the box, in near darkness. It also looks like the shot was taken from a slightly high angle, rather than dead straight on, which emphasises the reflections.

    A bit of photoshop/GIMP trickery can improve things, too -- boosting the contrast and brightness slightly, for example.

    This really old post of ours might help a bit.

  2. Thanks Bailey, i checked out the link and remembered reading it before but I'll go back and re-read.
    I usually light from above so I'll also try moving the source. Thanks for the help.

  3. Play to the reflection. You can get some really interesting shapes and colors in those reflections—and truthfully, that's what make the photos look real.

  4. You tried taking the photos in the bath with off centre flash? Great for flooding with white light...nice beer reviews by the way. Once we've started distributing to bloggers in the south I'll send you a free sample if you like? Ormskirkbrewing.co.uk

  5. That would be greatly appreciated, your wheat beer made me start thinking about what I need to get in this weekend, going German I think!!

    Thanks for all the tips guys, time to play with lighting i think.