Monday, 4 February 2013

Co-operative Wheat Beer

Co-operative Wheat BeerI had cause to pop into a Co-operative store this afternoon, on my way to a short meeting in Cardiff, and I needed a couple of items for a Thai chicken noodle soup I was planning to make with the remains of the Sunday roast. However for a supermarket it was pretty poorly stocked, no fresh coriander, red chillies or lemon-grass, nor were they available in jar or tube form.
There also was nothing too interesting on the beer shelves, other than this Wheat beer, 500mls, 5% abv.

The only brewing information on the label is 'made in Germany'.
A cloudy yellow which produced a good frothy head easily, a little citrus aroma, some sweetness also.
Taste wise was light, easy enough to drink, but lacking those typical hefeweizen flavours, only the barest hints of any banana, not especially yeasty or giving any type of spices. Overall very disappointing.
What makes it even more annoying is that I drove past the Cardiff beer shop on the way home where I'm sure any of the wheat beers on sale would have kicked this beers arse all over town.

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