Saturday, 15 September 2012

Red Willow Wreckless

One I bought in the Cardiff beer shop a while back, and one I had heard about on a few blogs beforehand which was getting some pretty positive vibes.

Redwillow from Macclesfield have been going for a couple of years now, and I must admit to liking the style of their bottles and range, clean and distinctive elements to the logo.

This bottle is their Reckless, a 4.8% pale ale, 500mls, I paid £3.19.

A vibrant orange colour with frothy white head.
Loads of fresh hop aroma, tropical fruits, certainly some apricot and mango, a seriously great hit on the senses.

And it tastes just as fresh and juicy too, nice moderate bitterness that sings round your mouth, oily, bouncing with fruit.
Really really good stuff this.


  1. Eek! £3.19 is a bit steep! I don't think I've ever paid that for a 500ml bottle of beer of any strength.

    And my experience with Feckless last year was rather different :-(

  2. yes but if i recall you are the unluckiest man when it comes to bottle conditioned beers!

    and if I was cynical I would suggest the supplier is upping the price and passing it on to compensate for the absurd and costly tax paid when crossing into Wales. (just one of my grumbles!!)

  3. I've heard lots of good things about Redwillow. Yet to try any yet.