Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Newcastle Summer and Founders Ales

I drank these about a month ago after seeing them on the shelf in Tesco, and whilst I've never particularly liked their classic Brown Ale, when I heard they were bring out some new beers I was keen to try them.

When I looked back at the draft post I had on them, it was kinda lacking any detail, so when i saw these bottles now reduced to £1.50 each at the moment I thought I'd give them another go to see what I missed out the first time for the post.

Not much it seems.

The Summer Ale is a Golden Ale and 4.4%, 355mls.

It has a sweet honeyish aroma, a richness, the mouthfeel is medium and crisp, well carbonated, but the taste is not great and certainly not reminding me of many golden ales I've tasted recently.
Buttery, with a mild bitterness, a bit of grass, but otherwise I'm struggling to put a name to the flavours I'm getting, and they're not great ones either.

Newcastle Founders' Ale, is 4.8%, same size bottle, same price.

Deep amber colouring, minimal head, sweet caramel malt aroma.
Much more bitterness here, nutty, spicy, light in the mouth and not much else, the flavours vanish pretty quickly.

Not really two bottles that impressed me much, they both had little depth to them, and barely any flavours that made me want the next mouthful.


  1. I was thinking of picking these to up the next time I stop by Tesco but now I'm not too sure.

  2. It does smack of fairly typical brand expansion, a bit like Greene King's different IPAs. I don't think I'll bother but thanks for taking one for the team! :)

  3. yeah its a dirty job but someone has to do it!!!