Monday, 23 April 2012

Berliner Kindl Weisse

Like the last beer, this has been sitting in the shed for a good few months, in fact I think I bought it at the same time that Ghost Drinker posted his review of it, as I wondered how much more he paid in the Leeds North Bar than the £1.50 (edit - see comments below) I did at the Cardiff beer shop.

Since then I'd completely forgotten about what kind of beer it was, and dragged it out this weekend.
I'm trying to cut down on beer expenditure this month to have more for my Cornwall holiday beer purchases, so I'm going through my beer stash instead of buying new currently.

Opened up, pale straw yellow with an immediate frothy head, but it was short lasting and soon reduced to nothing much at all.

As I got the first aroma of green apples and lemony sharpness I started to wonder what this was? A first mouthful was like a static shock, made me sit upright, what was that!! As I commented to some popular deity about its sourness my wife enquired whether it was possibly off?
I was taking in such sharp crispness, lime cordial sprang to mind in flavour. Upon visiting Ghostie's page again I realised it was indeed supposed to be like this, although I did not have any syrup flavouring that is traditionally added to the beer.

At first I seriously thought I was not going to be able to finish the 3% and 330ml bottle but it actually became quite drinkable once you get over the initial shock. It had as it warmed almost a light mead/honey aroma and quality to it which certainly helped it go down! Very well conditioned in the bottle also.

Interesting to put it mildly!


  1. It's a funny one, alright, and afficionados of the style (i.e. people who got to drink it when there was more than one major brand) don't much rate Kindl.

    Now Gose... that's even *weirder*...

  2. £1.50!! Outrageous! I would of bought a six pack for that price..

  3. Actually I just found a photo that shows I paid £1.69 and I'd buy a couple more at that, not sure I would buy a six pack though!