Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Arcobrau Weissbier Hell

Just as I comment on one of the Ormskirk Barons review's about the lack of decent German beers in Aldi over the last couple of years, I spy bottles of Arcobrau Weissbier Hell on their shelves, £1.49 for 500mls, 5.3% abv.

I buy one and open it.
A big head as you see, cloudy yellow, great aroma of banana, yeasty and a little pepper?
Very smooth, dry, not as much banana as the nose suggests, the classic bubblegum is there, some sharpness of lemon, wheat and just yummy overall.
That was yesterday, and today, because I went back and bought more.

Because right now I needed something soothing and alcoholic, when you've been vomited on by a patient (I'm a nurse) at work, this is how you unwind and deal with it. When you go to change and find the shower room so full of xmas decorations and broken chairs that you cannot access a shower this is what you do. So sorry, not the end of the review you were probably expecting, but sometimes life's shit and this is how I deal with it.

In summary, this beer is good, buy it, and Aldi sell more like this. Cheers.

Oh and happy 200th post to me!


  1. Picked up a couple today, good value at this price , especially as Weihenstephan is now over £2 a bottle at major supermarkets !

  2. let me know what you think of it.

  3. I bought a bottle of this on the back of your review. I've wasn't a fan of wheat/weiss beers when I started beer blogging but thought I would give them another try now that I know that my palate has changed quite a bit.

    I'm baron rating this now and I completely agree with what you've said about it, really really nice with enough flavour and bite to stand out without becoming completely over-powering.

    I will be going back to Aldi to get some more before they go...

    Thanks for putting me onto this!

  4. hey aldi, you listening????? thats gotta be worth something!! ;)

    glad you enjoyed it, and i bet no one at work vomited on you either, double brucie bonus!!

  5. Following on from my april 13th post, I quite like this, I noticed that this brewery also supplies Waitrose and other majotrs with thier own brand wheatbeer.

    For the price its nice, much more akin to Erdinger than Weihenstehpan, bit tart on the finish if not served at 6c, serving too cold wastes the flavour ala Wetherspoons do with thier erdinger.
    Overall its good value, but Asda sell Weihenstephan Kristallweiss for £1.70 and thats what I would buy ahead of this. That said this is very tasty and good value if your having a few friends over on a warm sunday afternoon buy a dozen or so you cant go wrong

  6. Good price for the Asda Weihenstephan Kristallweiss as its over £2 at tesco.

    I'm thinking of picking up a few of the arcobrau for my holiday next month, they'll go down very well.

  7. If you are anywhere near a Home Bargains store they do bottles of Franziskaner for £1.49 which is another excellent bargain

  8. I do know of a home bargains relatively near by but when i last went in they didn't sell any alcoholic drinks.

  9. I notice the Franziskaner is also £1.50 at Waitrose and Tesco at the moment, So off I go now ... :)

  10. Waitrose sell an Acrobrau wheat beer. I think we can be sure that it'll be pricier than Aldi.