Saturday, 17 March 2012

Thornbridge Versa

Wonderful beer, buy it and try it.
 I keep changing my mind on what might be my favourite beer style but it's beers like this one that keep me swinging back to wheat beers.

This German Hefeweizen styled beer from Thornbridge is 5% and 500mls of nectar. With its wonderful bubblegum aroma, with citrus and cloves I wish I'd had bought more than one bottle because I knew this would not last in the glass long at all.

And it didn't, the hazy orange liquor, with its banana's, apricot wheat breakfast cereal, and perfect carbonation, it all went down so well and far to quickly.

I kinda spoilt the overall effect with the wrong glass, my weizen one was broken a while back and I've yet to replace it.


  1. Had this on draught last year and loved it - and I've not seen it available since!

  2. I'm just jealous you've even had it once on draft!!