Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Shepherd Neame Double Stout

Possibly still on sale in Lidl, £1.49 500mls,  this is from Shepherd Neame and its their 4% abv Double Stout with the Master Brewer label.

Almost black, but very transparent, light coffee cream head. Its ticks most boxes with its aroma, coffee, chocolate, roast malts. First taste though and my mind immediately focuses on its body, its quite light and thin, the carbonation is fine but just the thinness strikes you.
Anyway what about the rest? Well its got dryness, coffee and chocolate, a lingering metallic note. Quite bitter coffee noted.
All in all its okay, not great just okay and drinkable.

You know when you make a sauce, pasta sauce or whatever, you season and taste it and think 'not bad, just need to reduce down and intensify the flavours' well that's just what i thought when drinking this beer.


  1. Your photos are getting really good, these would make for some wonderful shots in beer books, wonder how you could put them out there?

    That creamy head looks very tasty!

  2. Thanks mate, i need to sort out reflections though, i was really happy with the Open it/George Gale one last month but even in that you see reflections in the glass. Its probably more to do with my lighting.

  3. And why do SN insist on using clear bottles? I guess it's pressure from the retailers, but as Britain's oldest brewery you'd think they might turn around and say 'actually, if you want out beer, it'll be in the bottles we want to use'.

  4. Clear bottles sell better. Beer looks better in clear glass, and most consumers don't know it gets damaged by light. More people will buy a beer because it looks nice in clear glass than will refrain from buying it because it's in clear glass. While that is the case, breweries will keep doing it.