Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bristol Beer Factory 'Bristletoe'

Another christmas beer, this one is my first from the highly rated Bristol Beer Factory.

'Bristletoe' is 4.3%, 500mls, bottle conditioned.
It is according to their description "A special celebratory beer spiced with coriander, orange peel & ginger. Low in ABV for a Christmas beer, but packed full of flavour. Aromas of coffee, citrus and spice and flavour notes of coffee & chocolate that last long into the finish."

Dark red colour, nice creamy head. Aroma is certainly spicy, to me its with an overly strong herbal kick.
Taste - Good body, light chocolate, not sure if I get any ginger, but orange peel bitterness yes.

For me personally the herbal bitterness is to much, the spices harsh, and shamefully I didn't finish the pint.
Oh well, onto the next.......

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