Thursday, 13 October 2011

Banks's UCB - Ultimate Curry Beer

In my previous post I mentioned that Aldi were selling today a beer from Banks's that on ratebeer hasn't been reviewed in 5 years, although i did see that the cask has been very sporadically  available in those intervening years.

Banks's UCB Ultimate Curry Beer, 500mls, still 5.3% abv, not bottle condition. Available at Aldi for £1.49.
I bought two bottles today, drank two bottles tonight, will buy more very soon.

I wasn't expecting much to be honest, an average beer perhaps trying to pick up sales in an area of a market that is associated with beers such as Cobra and Kingfisher. An ale that would fail and be overcome by the spices and flavours of a dish that's sometimes hard to pair a drink with.
We were not planning on having a curry any time soon, but i needed a beer after a day of violence and aggression training at work.

Light golden brown in colour, reasonable white bubbly head that reduced to a ring. Aroma - well here was my first surprise - really hoppy, rich orange, really nice.

Good solid mouthfeel, good carbonation. Its not light and clean but neither is it heavy and sticky. The hops are reasonably upfront, but not overly assertive and in your face.

They are coupled with a toffee sweetness, hoppy resins are sitting in the roof of my mouth as I type, its a little spicy although i'm struggling to pick out anything dominate.

Even to the last drop I drain now the hoppy bitterness and surprise is the same as the first mouthfull.

Its one of those beers that you know is not best beer in the world but its a hell of a lot more than you was expecting, and really enjoyable.

Is this a beer to go with a curry? It could well be, the strength of flavour didn't diminish  as it went along, and its reasonable strong to possibly stand up alongside distinct spices. Its certainly worth giving it a go.

Buy some, tell me you weren't surprised.


  1. This sounds really good, I looked for it yesterday in Aldi but it wasn't there.

    My eyes will be peeled when I'm in there over the weekend...

  2. Its just quite surprising, its not high end craft beer, but really a good beer for what it is.

  3. I'm off there tomorrow and will get some in, if there's any left. Was it a 'special' or in the usual beer isle?

  4. It was a 'special', mine had large stocks too so hopefully i'll pick some more up tomorrow.