Monday, 4 July 2011

Thwaites Double Century

Thwaites Double Century was sitting on the bottom Tesco shelf, two lonely bottles on their own, and i know they where not there last week so i suspect they had a very small stock of this.

The beer is their 'celebration ale' for 200 years of family brewing, 1807 - 2007, its a 5.2% abv strong ale 500mls, not bottle conditioned.

A deep golden orange in colour, lively in the glass.
A caramel, malt and light honey aroma. Well balanced malts, fruity sweetness, raisins,  and light hops provide a nice bitterness and citrus notes. All this on a good medium body, and nice alcohol warmth and strength. Really nice bottle(s)!.


  1. This is a great beer, gets a [baron rating 5/5] - I like the balance that you get with this strong beer and it's full of flavour - a great pick if you are stuck in the supermarket for an ale...

  2. shame i took the last ones then!!