Saturday, 2 April 2011

Quantock Royal Stag

There's an interest in deer in our house, as we often take the kids for walks at the weekend to Margam park, and one of the sights if your lucky is the wildlife.

Last time my son (4 last weekend), and I managed to creep up close enough for this shot, although one thing it made me realise was i need a better lens for the camera. Then i would have been able to get a close up on the stag on the right who stayed watching us the whole time whilst the others grazed.

Anyway tonight i had a stag in my house, and not any stag but a Royal Stag. Courtesy of Quantock Brewery   this was their 3rd beer i opened, a 6% abv traditional IPA, 500mls and bottle conditioned.

A lovely earthy and malt aroma, with fruit coming through also, orange and a touch of caramel.

The colour as you see is a red brown with white frothy head.

It is a lovely smooth beer, strong malts and fruity also, hint of orange, big fat rich oranges that you cut into quarters and suck on in a cartoon style mouth.

It has a slight dryness also, towards the end mostly, bready undertones,  but it carries a nice bitterness too. This is very enjoyable, good solid medium body, i'm sure if you gave it to an american and told them it was an IPA they would disagree, 'where are the hops' would be the reply, but they are there slowly curling round your mouth just not punching you on the nose in a baseball cap.
 I've enjoyed some good beers recently, from lots of different styles, but you can't beat this, your pint glass feels huge as you grip it and swig down another satisfying gulp.

You can buy Quantock beers from local farmers markets, or from myBrewerytap, or West Country Ales.
Again, thank you to Rob from Quantock.

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