Thursday, 28 April 2011

Batemans XB

I picked up a bottle of Batemans XB from Aldi, a bitter 4.1% 500ml, not bottle conditioned (camra says its not real ale). I drank this last week, our first meal outside at the start of the half term with the weather being unseasonably good.
In the glass its a light red brown colour with a small frothy head, a caramel malty aroma. Taste is biscuity , its got a almost ginger nut spice to it, pepper, flowery hops with a nice subtle bitterness. Bateman beers tend to have a very distinctive taste about them, you know when your drinking one, but its much more subtle with this bitter, and better for it too. I possibly served this too cold to be honest but on such a hot day it went down a treat.

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