Thursday, 18 November 2010

Teignworthy Brewery tasted thrice

When one of my oldest friends recently went on holiday to Devon he kindly brought me back 3 bottles from the Teignworthy brewery. 
These were 'Beachcomber' a real lager beer according to the bottle although i've seen it also called a golden ale, 'Spring Tide' and  'Reel Ale', both bitters.

First up was the Beachcomber which i drank following another bottle conditioned lager 'Warcop Caspa' which i'll review soon.
A gold colour with reasonable carbonation, and a foamy white head. Not a great deal of aroma if i remember correctly, but a light dry malt taste, slight sweet biscuit flavour alongside some sweet fruits and citrus. Quite pleasant, would defiantly have again.

The 'Spring Tide' was opened the following night, an light amber bitter which was lively in the glass, and it had quite a long dry finish but was not terribly exciting. There was some dry maltishness about it, and plummy also but not juicy sweet plums, dry just out of season ones (i had some very recently obviously!).

The second bitter was the 'Reel Ale' and this was much more satisfying. At 4% a good example of a great session bitter, a deeper brown than the last bottle, and creamy malty aroma with some thing sharp in there too ?apples. The taste is similar, a little sweetish malt, good medium body, classic british bitterness. As i said a decent session bitter, the kind of pint you would hope to find on most bars at 3pm just as you settle in for a few.

Thanks to Dougie.

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