Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Clearwater Brewery Real Smiler

Clearwater Brewery Real SmilerClearwater brewery, based in Devon has been going since 1998 but a buyout in 2009 and the introduction of new personnel including a new head brewer all in the last few years has greatly increased their presence locally and now starting nationally as well.

Real Smiler is a 3.7% Golden ale I picked up in a Tesco on the way back from our Cornwall holiday back in May.
Well carbonated, golden orange with a small fluffy head that quickly dissipates.
A little perfume in the aroma with some sweetness too, wiff of honey.
Medium body, crisp, dry, apply, balanced caramel malt with a light hop character that give enough bitterness for the style, some toffee too.

Overall a very nice golden ale, crisp and hit the spot.

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