Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kernel Brewery Pale Ale Summit Galaxy NZC

Kernel Summit Galaxy NZC
Another one of the many pale ales produced by the excellent Kernel Brewery.
This is 5.3% abv, 500mls, bottle conditioned and I paid £3.69.

The hops listed are the US variety Summit, the Australian Galaxy and New Zealand Cascade.
And they put out some serious aroma, I was pouring this out at almost a good arms length and caught the tangerine orange immediately. Huge amount of sediment it must be said.

This has all that you want or expect, that lovely aroma, mid orange colour, hoppy orange and resin, pine, juicy, the texture is slightly oily, and the bitterness is lovely but not dialled up to ten, its a seven and that's perfect.
One thing for sure is that the Kernel Brewery rarely disappoint.


  1. Fine beers indeed. Not tried this one, although I have recently knocked together a brew using Galaxy and Cascade myself, but too young to drink yet. (not me - the beer).

  2. I hope that wasn't the one that ended up on the garage floor.

  3. No, so far so good with this one!