Tuesday, 8 May 2012

M&S beers and offers.

I've had cause to visit a M&S store a few times recently, whilst waiting for car repairs to be completed. The 2 branches local to me have usually a good range, and as Meer for Beer in her recent run of posts has noted they've also a few new additions to this range, selected and brewed by the countries better breweries.

Inspired by her reviews I first fancied the Sandringham Ale ,then the Greenwich Raspberry wheat beer.

My first purchase was however the Greenwich Red Ale, a wine bottle shape and 750mls, wire corked, and 4% abv beer brewed with crystal and caramel malts for its red colour, and uses 5 types of Yakima Valley hops.
I imagine a few of you are thinking 'hmm sounds like their Yakima Red, their 4% amber ale??' Certainly ratings on ratebeer would agree with that. I have never had it so forked out its £4.99 price tag.

This morning on a return visit I indeed did get the raspberry wheat beer, and noted they have dropped the abv to 4.9% and refreshed the label on the Cornish IPA, and there is a new Bath Ales produced Ginger Ale which I passed on this time.

I then noticed that they have reduced the price of two of the beers from last years lines, the Southwold Dark Ale by Adnams, a 7.2% barley wine that was £2.19, and the 4.7% Cheshire Brown Ale by the Robinsons brewery originally £1.99. Both of these are currently only 99p each, both good beers and therefore worth picking up a few bottles at this price in my opinion. This second photo of bottles cost a very reasonable £5.95 as you also get deal 'buy 6 for 5' offer!

Meantime seem to have a few of their bottles fon the shelves of M&S (and Sainsburys) currently, the two mentioned above, the London Porter, and now also a limited addition Barrel Aged Greenwich Hospital Porter. It comes in a cardboard tube, corked again, 750mls and 6%.
There is a picture here on ratebeer. It is priced at £9.99 which despite the recommendation from 'the guardian' tagged on the shelf, was too rich for my blood I decided. Unless someone has had it and can recommend it at that price I think I'll pass.


  1. I rather like the Red and 4.99 for that size of gorgeous beer is a bit of a bargain :) I'll have to pop in to my local and see if they have e reductions too.

    Glad to see my reviews have encouraged someone.

  2. I did enjoy the hospital porter, but worth splitting with a couple of friends (then only £3.33 each!) Red is pretty decent. My M&S didn't have reductions when I went on Saturday. Sandringham was okay but nothing to write home about.

  3. not sure my friends are beer geeky enough to warrent spending that on a third of beer to be honest!!.
    the reductions i saw were in more than branch but maybe its not nationwide? perhaps more of a local stock issue.

  4. They are reduced if they are still in stock as they are Winter beers that need to be shifted. Might be worth aging a couple of those Southwolds as they are pretty much Adnams Tally-Ho Barleywine.

  5. yes, got a bottle at the weekend, reduced here too.

  6. I've not been back to see if they are still on offer, but must say the Red was thoroughly enjoyed by my friends and i on holiday, great beer.