Monday, 23 January 2012

Tesco - The Big Price Increase

So now its "Tesco - The Big Price Drop Increase" apparently, not surprising after their recent bad profits news.
Pretty much all the range of 500ml UK produced bottles which previously ranged from £1.69 to £1.89 are now all £1.99.
The few stronger beers, that were already over that margin ie. Old Tom, Marstons VSOP, seem to be at similar prices as before.
Their 330ml selection I was unsure whether it had been effected, although I noted Brewdog Punk IPA unchanged at £1.49.

As we are all used to these pricing games, I'm sure no-one will be surprised when in a month they 'drop' the prices again, potentially saving us more money gawd bless 'em!
Down to the prices that they were, um, last week!

Edit: see the comments below, Curmudgen is right that Punk is not £1.49, my store now sells it at £1.69.


  1. I think last week Punk IPA was £1.65 in Stockport. The prices have now got to the point where you take a sharp intake of breath and say "ooh, better buy these somewhere else" - and of course you may well take the rest of your shopping elsewhere.

    Tesco maybe have a few more unusual PBAs than Morrisons, but when Morrisons are still charging £1.75 a bottle and £5.50 for 4 it's a bit of a no-brainer.

  2. How did you comment at 06.51 when i only posted at 14.19???? Time traveling again Mudge??

    I wonder if the difference in Punk pricing is due to higher sales in your area?
    But your right, normally i slip a bottle or two into the weekly shop, not today, but i did pick some up in Aldi at far better prices.

  3. now mines got a screwy time also.....

  4. This week they are offering a number of Badger, Shepherd Neame and Wells & Youngs ales at 3 for £4.