Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Gwaelod Y Garth Inn

The Gwaelod Y Garth Inn is based in a village on the outskirts of Cardiff, to be honest you need to know where you are going to find it, its only because my wife occasionally drove around here due to work that she knew where it was. Well worth it though, and locally known as just 'the Gwaelod'.

I was aware of the Inn though because it had won 'Cardiff CAMRA Real Ale Pub of the Year 2011' and when it was suggested that since the kids were now back at school we might have our first lunch out together at this pub I hastily agreed.

Nicely presented pub, a few low beams for me to duck under, although partially open plan, its distinctly old style with some divided area's such as one for the pool table, and a small room called 'The Old Cellar' complete with pub form of the game skittles I believe is called  "Devil among the Tailors" ?

I wont list the beers on offer you can see them in the above photo, and the main food area is in a more modernised room upstairs. My wife had a steak and ale pie which certainly appeared home made and was nicely rich and tender, and i had a very good ribeye bordelaise. Friendly and professional service from all staff.

I had a pint of the Wye Valley Butty Bach, 4.5%, lovely clean lightly malted and smooth bitter, with fruit and hop bitterness rounding off in the mouth.
To finish i had a half of the RCH East Street Cream, 5% bitter, again a smooth mouthfeel similar to the Butty Bach but a little more full bodied, sweeter and fruitier, also woody notes.

A lovely pub, enjoyable lunch and I think we'll be back, certainly it gives us an alternative to the excellent Otley Bunch of Grapes for a midday midweek escape.

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