Sunday, 29 August 2010

Banks's Barley Gold

A barley wine at 9.1% in 330ml can by Banks's. They say that "Banks's Barley Gold is a very strong ale brewed to a recipe over 100 years old using top quality english malted barley, hops from Worcestershire, Herefordhire and Kent and the purest cane sugar imported from Africa and the Caribbean."

I've not drunk that many Barley wines so am not sure what to expect, this had the caramel and sugars strongly through, strong alcohol warmth as i thought it would, otherwise not sure much else was going on, couldn't detect the hops myself.


  1. Barley Wine is quite rare in the UK, especially from a British brewery. JW Lees Harvest Ale from Manchester is the one to hunt but Anchor Old Foghorn from San Francisco is probably the easiest quality example to find, it's in most speciality beer shops.

  2. Thanks Rob, I've read about some others too, i suppose the more well known like the Thomas Hardey ale, and i almost bought the Otley 08 the other day - will get back to that!
    I actually have in my possession two '94 George Gale beers, one a Prize Old Ale. Photo here.

  3. I have a 2006 Prize Old Ale, probably the last batch produced 'corked' before Fullers took over.

  4. That looks like a delicious beer, or you have fantastic photography skills. Wish I could get a nice looking Barleywine in a can in the states (there probably is one, I just can't think of it).

  5. Thanks Jay, not sure my skills are that great but i think i caught that beer on a good day!
    I have noticed from the Flickr beer groups alot more craft brewers in the US using cans, over here its only the mass marketed beers that are canned. Would you say thats true?
    like these guys